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SAP assessment and domestic air pressure testing

dommestic ventilation Testing
Part F of building regulations was updated in December 2010 and we have seen that more and more building control
officers are asking for proof that the ventilation system installed is actually performing as well as it should

This is much more important in builds where the air permeability has dropped, and concerns about correct levels
of ventilation are becoming higher profile.

The Building Regulations for England and Wales impose the following two legal requirements for ventilation in buildings:

  • There shall be adequate means of ventilation provided for people in the building
  • Fixed systems of mechanical ventilation and any associated controls must be commissioned by testing and adjusting as necessary to meet the above objective.

part fWith four mains types of ventilation available, 3 of which need testing, knowing which is which, and what is relevant  to each of those Mendip Energy are here to help you understand why and where Decentralised (MEV), Whole House extract with Heat recovery (MVHR) or Natural (System 1) is best suited, and that it is doing what you need it too.


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installing ventalation requirements...
Building Regulations also state that the persons installing
ventilation systems need to comply with these
requirements by doing the following:

  Prove that an adequate means of ventilation has been provided for people in the building by
ensuring that the testing of the mechanical ventilation airflow rate is carried out in accordance with a procedure approved by the Government

  Give a notice of the test results to the Building Control Authority no later than 5 days
after the final test is carried out

  Provide the test results to the Building Control Authority, together with a notice that
the mechanical ventilation system has been commissioned in accordance with a procedure approved by the Government.
This needs to be done no later than 5 days after the final test is carried out.

The Domestic Ventilation Compliance
Guide states that instrumentation for measuring airflow rate must provide a measurement accuracy of +/-5% Our in house team with properly UKAS calibrated equipment can give you industry leading advice and peace of mind.

Mendip Energy will validate the airflow of your system and give you a full report of our findings

This can be linked with your Air Test, or just Part F testing on its own.

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